Cronulla, it’s Time to Say Bye to Bad Eyebrows with Our Expert Feathering

Have you been struggling to find a way to fix your sparse, pencil thin eyebrows?

At iBrowBar, Mariam is serious about brows. She’s been creating the perfect feathered brows for years, training with some of the leading microblading artists in both Germany and Australia. Today, she’s one of the most sought-after eyebrow artists in the Cronulla area, working tirelessly to create flawless eyebrow feather tattoos that naturally enhance your beautiful features.

Mariam doesn’t just specialise in eyebrow feathering, but also offers a diverse range of services to ensure you stay looking glamourous 24 hours a day.

Based in Double Bay, it’s easy to see why more Cronulla locals are seeking out Mariam’s exquisite and innovative feathering techniques.

Not just an eyebrow feathering specialist

Over the years, Mariam has trained extensively to ensure she is certified and accredited to perform a range of cosmetic services, so you can ensure you’re looking fab at all times of the day and night.

Eyebrow Feather Tattoo Enhancements

Reconstruct your brows and create definition and texture without spending precious time drawing them on each day! Mariam’s expert eyebrow feather tattoo options will help you get closer to the brows you’ve been dreaming about with minimal effort. Mariam creates microbladed hair strokes that follow the direction of your brows, blending in the feather technique to create a natural enhancement. There’s also an option to suit most any look and budget.

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Eyeliner Tattoo Services

Enhance and define the shape of your eyes, giving a flawless look when you’re on the go. During this semi-permanent process, Mariam uses fine pigmentation methods, where pigment is gently applied with the finest needles into the skin. Go for full glamour or a simple defined lash – the choice is yours!

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Lip Tattoo Enhancement

Create a sheer blush colour and a naturally fuller looking look with a lip tattoo. You’ll never have to worry about your lip liner or lipstick bleeding again with this perfectly applied pout. Like the eyeliner tattoo, your lip tattoo will be done using the finest needles to apply the pigment of your choice.

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Find out why more Cronulla, Bondi and Manly residents are getting the iBrowBar treatment when it comes to their perfectly feathered eyebrows.

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