Creating the Perfect Eyebrow Feather Tattoo Enhancement for Locals in Manly

Have you been dreaming about the perfect look for your brows, but always thought they’d be out of reach? At iBrowBar, Mariam is passionate about crafting the perfect feathered brows for her many clients across Manly and the greater Sydney area.

Mariam has trained extensively over the years, both overseas and across Australia to add to her enviable skillset. Coming from a family background of tattoo artistry, she attended microblading training in Germany, and has attending multiple certificates and training courses in Australia.

Today, she is one of the most sought-after eyebrow feathering experts in the area, offering certified eyebrow feather tattoo enhancements, eyeliner tattoo services, lip tattoo enhancements and training courses.

Offering a full range of cosmetic tattoo services

As Mariam has worked hard over the years to expand her portfolio of services, she now offers a full range of semi-permanent cosmetic treatments to her valued clients across the Manly area and beyond so that a glamourous look at all hours of the day and night is possible!

Eyebrow Feathering

Mariam will determine the style that suits your natural features, creating a flawless look by hand. Her exclusive style of treatment involves microbladed strokes that follow the direction of your brows, so to blend the feather technique to create a natural enhancement. This is the ideal solution for sparse, pencil-thin and patchy brows.

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Lip Tattoo Enhancement

Mariam uses fine pigmentation methods to create the colour and look that you’re after. The pigment is applied gently to your lips and into the skin using fine needles. The result? A sheer, blush colour that matches your skin tone, and a natural looking pout. No need for reapplying endless amounts of lipstick to get the perfect lip look!

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Eyeliner Tattoo Enhancement

For a barely there, subtle look, an eyeliner tattoo will define and frame your eyes with minimal effort on your part. Choose between a beautifully glamourous designer eyeline or a simple lash line enhancement. Like with the lip tattoo procedure, Mariam will use the finest needles to apply the pigment into your skin, leaving you with a defined lash line to enhance your eyes.

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Based in Double Bay, it’s easy to see why more Manly, Bondi and Cronulla locals are seeking out Mariam’s expert eyebrow feathering, eyeliner tattoo and lip tattoo enhancements.

If you’d like more information about any of her offered services or training courses, please get in touch or visit the pricing page here.

You can reach out to Mariam by calling 0473 398 104 or by using our simple online contact form.